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Figure 2

From: Differentially co-expressed interacting protein pairs discriminate samples under distinct stages of HIV type 1 infection

Figure 2

Comparison of DEPs and DEGs. (A, B) Expressions and correlations of DEPs. The X- and Y-axes represent expression levels of each gene. Expression levels of the samples are represented by dots (X, Uninfected (UI); O, Acute (AT); *, Non-progressive (NP); +, Chronic (CN)). Median values of samples in the same stage are marked with bigger black “+” and “×”. Trend lines are shown with degrees of correlation. (C) Gene-ontology (GO) enrichment analysis of DEPs and DEGs. The numbers in circles indicate the counts of GO terms relevant to DEPs, DEGs, or both. Precise details and their -log10 p values are listed next to the numbers.

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