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Table 1 Comparison of N-MEG and T-MEG in a meta-analysis test

From: Exploring molecular links between lymph node invasion and cancer prognosis in human breast cancer

Analysis N-MEG (n=40) T-MEG (n=40)
  N-MEG+ (n=20) N-MEG- (n=20) T-MEG+ (n=20) T-MEG- (n=20)
Metastasis Prognosis 1.2x10-15 1.4x10-6 4.3x10-8 3.1x10-3
Relapse Prognosis 7.9x10-27 7.8x10-6 7.6x10-4 2.1x10-7
Survival Prognosis 5.7x10-13 0.21 0.41 0.013
Overall Prognosis 9.4x10-51 1.9x10-8 1.5x10-6 1.1x10-9
Stage M 0.38 0.28 0.91 2.8x10-4
Stage N 0.017 0.10 0.15 0.57
Stage T 2.1x10-3 0.074 0.098 0.15
Stage G 0.063 7.2x10-3 0.93 0.18
Overall Stage 2.1x10-4 1.2x10-3 0.46 0.075
Tumor Grade 1.3x10-104 1.3x10-8 2.3x10-8 6.0x10-10
  1. N-MEG showed better significance than T-MEG. Generally speaking, N-wise progression gives more information than T-wise progression in cancer prognosis.