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Table 8 Various algorithms used for the detection of biological network motifs

From: Biological network motif detection and evaluation

Algorithm Type Time before ESU Parameter Deterministic
EDGE GO-BNM Edge-Removing O(|E|) d Yes
EDGE BETWEENNESS-BNM Edge-Removing O(r|E||V|) r Yes
NMFGO-BNM Clustering O(|E|(|V| + l)) d, c, η, β No
NMF-BNM Clustering O(|E||V|) c, η, β No
VOLTAGE-BNM Clustering O(|E| + |V|) c No
  1. All the algorithms introduced in this paper are compared based on type, time before enumeration, parameter, and whether its deterministic property. Here d is GO depth threshold,l is the number of GO terms associated to the graph G, c is the number of clusters, r is the number of edges to remove, and η, β for sparse NMF computation.