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Table 4 Comparison of iBMA-prior, iBMA-shortlist and Lirnet in network construction on the Brem data

From: Integrating external biological knowledge in the construction of regulatory networks from time-series expression data

Method Network size p-value of chi square testa TPR (%)b # misclass.c TP O/Ed
iBMA-prior 8000 7.75E-65 15.62 10198 323 2.41
iBMA-shortlist 35995 1.02E-59 10.99 14581 818 1.70
Lirnet 10491 1.90E-03 8.42 10080 132 1.30
  1. a The p-value of Pearson’s chi-square test measures the strength of association between an inferred network and the Yeastract database.
  2. b True positive rate (TPR) is defined as the proportion of inferred regulatory relationships that are documented in Yeastract.
  3. c The number of misclassified cases is the sum of false positives and false negatives.
  4. d The O/E ratio is the number of folds the observed number of recovered relationships (i.e., TP) in excess of the expected count of recovery by chance.