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Table 5 List of all MCS for the regulatory BLP in Figure 1

From: Designing optimal cell factories: integer programming couples elementary mode analysis with regulation

i Gene deletion Reaction deletion f i  
1 GR2 GR5a R2 R5 R10 308.2 *
2 GR2 GR5b R2 R5 R10 308.2 *
3 GR2 GR11 R2 R10 R11 308.2 *
4 GR2   R2 R9 R10 211.2  
  1. List of all MCS for the regulatory BLP. MCS are sorted in decreasing order of the objective function f i = w 2 T x ( i ) + | | y ( i ) | | as calculated by our algorithm. (The sequence of MCS with equal objective value may differ depending on the BLP algorithm.) * marks MCS for which full genetic information is available. MCS are split in the gene deletion part and the reaction deletion part. Note that the first three MCS require deletions of two genes. The corresponding reaction deletions are a consequence of those deletions. MCS 4 however, is not fully annotated (noticeable in the drop of f i ), and would require the deletions of genes and reactions (GR2 and R9).