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Figure 5

From: DREM 2.0: Improved reconstruction of dynamic regulatory networks from time-series expression data

Figure 5

DECOD motif search in DREM 2.0. (left) DECOD motif search was performed for one node (‘+’ sign). (middle) After clicking the node, the DREM split table opens which shows the enrichment of TFs on gene sets divided by the split. As this split has three outgoing paths, DECOD can be run in three different ways. Here, we compared genes in the highest path against the other two paths (Tab “High vs. Others”) by clicking the Run DECOD button (circled). (right) one of the TF motifs found by DECOD using EPD promoter sequences. Its most similar match in TRANSFAC according to STAMP highly resembles the TF binding motif of HEB/TCF12, see text for details.

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