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Figure 4

From: Flux variability scanning based on enforced objective flux for identifying gene amplification targets

Figure 4

Batch cultivation of the control and engineered E. coli strains producing putrescine. ( A) XQ52 (p15SpeC) (control), ( B) XQ52 (p15SpeC-Glk), ( C) XQ52 (p15SpeC-AcnA), ( D) XQ52 (p15SpeC-AcnB), ( E) XQ52 (p15SpeC-AckA), and ( F) XQ52 (p15SpeC-Ppc) strains were tested for putrescine production. The symbols indicate: cell concentration measured by OD600 (), glucose concentration (■), and putrescine concentration ( ) for the engineered strains in ( A) to ( F), and putrescine concentration ( ) for the XQ52 (p15SpeC) (control) strain in ( A).

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