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Table 1 Ranges considered for six classes of model parameters

From: Specification, annotation, visualization and simulation of a large rule-based model for ERBB receptor signaling

Parameter class Estimated range Units
Rate constant for a bimolecular association reaction 10-7 – 10-5 (molecules/cell)-1·s-1
Rate constant for a unimolecular dissociation reaction 10-2 – 100 s-1
Rate constant for a phosphatase-catalyzed reaction* 10-3 – 10-1 s-1
Rate constant for a receptor trafficking step (internalization or recycling)* 10-3 – 10-1 s-1
Rate constant for endocytic degradation* 10-3 – 10-1 s-1
Protein copy number 104 – 106 molecules/cell
  1. Processes characterized by parameter classes marked by asterisks are taken to be first-order processes.