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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Exploring the genetic control of glycolytic oscillations in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Strain Gene deletion Genotype Source
X2180 - MAT a/α SUC2 mal mel gal2 CUP1 Andersen, AZ
BY4743 - MAT a/α; his3Δ1/his3Δ1; leu2Δ0/leu2Δ0; lys2Δ0/LYS2; MET15/met15Δ0; ura3Δ0/ura3Δ0 Euroscarf
Y35867 hxk1 BY4743; YFR053C::kan MX4/YFR053C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y34620 hxk2 BY4743; YGL253W::kan MX4/YGL253W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y33717 gpm2 BY4743; YDL021W::kan MX4/YDL021W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31748 gpm3 BY4743; YOL056W::kan MX4/YOL056W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31371 tdh1 BY4743; YJL052W::kan MX4/YJL052W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y36806 tdh2 BY4743; YJR009C::kan MX4/YJR009C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y34822 tdh3 BY4743; YGR192C::kan MX4/YGR192C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y35893 pfk1 BY4743; YGR240c::kan MX4/YGR240C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y30791 pfk2 BY4743; YMR205C::kan MX4/YMR205C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y37286 eno1 BY4743; YGR254W::kan MX4/YGR254W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31644 pyk2 BY4743; YOR347C::kan MX4/YOR347C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31657 pde2 BY4743; YOR360C::kan MX4/YOR360c::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y34615 pde1 BY4743; YGL248W::kan MX4/YGL248W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31261 tpk1 BY4743; YJL164C::kan MX4/YJL164C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31089 tpk2 BY4743; YPL203W::kan MX4/YPL203W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y35016 tpk3 BY4743; YKL166C::kan MX4/YKL166C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y33731 gpr1 BY4743; YDL035C::kan MX4/YDL035C::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y30152 gpa2 BY4743; YER020W::kan MX4/YER020W::kan MX4 Euroscarf
Y31772 ira2 BY4743; YOL081W::kan MX4/YOL081W::kan MX4 Euroscarf