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Figure 2

From: Emergence of bimodal cell population responses from the interplay between analog single-cell signaling and protein expression noise

Figure 2

RasGTP Dynamics. A. HEK293 cells were stimulated with 0.1 nM (low, L), 1 nM (medium, M) or 10 nM (high, H) EGF for the indicated times and then cell lysates were assayed for RasGTP as described in “Materials and Methods” section. IP denotes the pull-down fraction, TCL denotes total cell lysate, and IB denotes immunoblot. Each data point corresponds to the average of three independent experiments, and error bars correspond to 90% confidence intervals. Data were normalized by dividing by basal (no EGF) RasGTP levels. B. A bimodal RasGTP distribution as would be obtained from a bistable RasGTP model for low, medium and high levels of EGF, and how it would map onto a dose–response relationship between RasGTP and ppERK.

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