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Table 1 List of core parameters

From: Towards a quantitative understanding of the MITF-PIAS3-STAT3 connection

No Parameter Value Description
1 k Mp73E+ 0.00015 MITF phosphorylation on S73, ERK dependent (Mol-1min-1)
2 k Mp73- 0.03 MITF de-phosphorylation on S73 (min-1)
3 k Mp73a+ 0.025 MITF auto-phosphorylation on S73 (min-1)
4 k Mp409+ 0.0001 MITF phosphorylation on S409 (Mol-1min-1)
5 k Mp409- 0.04 MITF de-phosphorylation on S409 (min-1)
6 k Mass 0.01 MITF/PIAS3 association (Mol-1min-1)
7 k Mdiss 1 MITF/PIAS3 dissociation (min-1)
8 k Mp73ass 0.03 MITFp79/PIAS3 association (Mol-1min-1)
9 k Mp73diss 0.5 MITFp79/PIAS3 dissociation (min-1)
10 k Mp409ass 0.0001 MITFp409/PIAS3 association (Mol-1min-1)
11 k Mp409diss 1 MITFp409/PIAS3 dissociation (min-1)
12 k Mppass 0.01 MITFpp/PIAS3 association (Mol-1min-1)
13 k Mppdiss 1 MITFpp/PIAS3 dissociation (min-1)
14 k Sp+ 0.0002 STAT3 phosphorylation (Mol-1min-1)
15 k Sp- 0.04 STAT3 de-phosphorylation (min-1)
16 k Spass 0.005 STAT3p/PIAS3 association (Mol-1min-1)
17 k Spdiss 0.2 STAT3p/PIAS3 dissociation (min-1)
18 p MITF 1 MITF production (Mol min-1)
19 γ MITF 0.0012 MITF degradation (min-1)
20 γ MITFp73 0.02 MITFp73 degradation (min-1)
21 γ MITFp409 0.01 MITFp409 degradation (min-1)
22 P PLAS3 0.262 PIAS3 production (Mol min-1)
23 γ PLAS3 0.008 PIAS3 degradation (min-1)
24 P STAT3 0.211 STAT3 production (Mol min-1)
25 γ STAT3 0.002 STAT3 degradation (min-1)
26 k Rp+ 0.0004 RSK1 phosphorylation (Mol-1min-1)
27 k Rp 0.04 RSK1 de-phosphorylation (min-1)
28 ERK p 10 ERKp concentration (Mol)
29 JAK p 10 JAKp concentration (Mol)
30 K u 0.0001 Ubiquitination (Mol-1min-1)
  1. The parameter names follow a naming convention. The rate constants for phosphorylation events is a k with a subscript starting with a protein specification (R:RSK1, M:MITF or S:STAT3), followed by a specification of a phosphorylation site (p73, p409 for MITF and p for STAT3) and finalized with a ' + ' for phosphorylation rate constants and ' - ' for de-phosphorylation rate constants. The association and dissociation rate constants is a k with a subscript starting with a protein specification followed by a phosphorylation state specification, and finalized with ' ass ' or ' diss ' respectively. The name of the parameters denoting the production or degradation rates start with a p or a γ respectively, and ends with a specification of the protein (and eventually phosphor state). The two constants ERKp and JAKp, represent the amounts of phosphorylated ERK and JAK, respectively. These are altered to emulate signalling through the respective pathways. 'k u ' is the ubiquitination rate constant.