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Table 1 Well and poorly characterized links

From: Topological effects of data incompleteness of gene regulatory networks

  E.coli B.subtilis M.tuberculosis
BA 914 499 726
TELC 1272 856 1290
WCLs 656 323 191
PCLs 1044 262 1344
  1. Number of links reported based upon binding assays (BA) or target expression levels comparison (TELC). Well characterized links (WCLs) are those characterized at least by one methodology of each group (for an exhaustive list of the experimental methods in each group see[18]). Poorly characterized links (PCLs) are reported under methodologies that can not be considered within neither of the two main groups (too generic methods, orthologies based deductions, absence of experimental support etc.). Whilst B.subtilis and E.coli are relatively well characterized systems, in order to get enough statistics for the M.tuberculosis case, we consider identification of consensus sequences as binding proofs.