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Figure 4

From: A model of estrogen-related gene expression reveals non-linear effects in transcriptional response to tamoxifen

Figure 4

Analysis of the composition of transcriptional response to tamoxifen in HEK 293/hERα cell line. The curves represent partial transcriptional responses caused by various forms of transcription complexes assembled at ERE, calculated as tamoxifen dose dependences of the following terms: (1) ER 2D = ksr,bER2D/κ; (2) ER 2HD = ksr,hER2HD/κ; (3) ER 2H 2D = ksr,hER2H2D/κ; (4) ER 2ID = ksr,iER2ID/κ; (5) ER 2I 2D = ksr,iER2I2D/κ;  (6) ER 2HID = ksr,hiER2HID/κ. Concentration of 17β-estradiol was set equal to 0 (A) and 0.5 nM (B) in accordance with the reference experiment [38].

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