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Table 2 Off-targets candidates for torcetrapib identified by reverse docking procedure

From: Clarifying off-target effects for torcetrapib using network pharmacology and reverse docking approach

Rank Target details (PDB Code) Ligand Binding score (kcal/mol)
1 PDGFR (1GQ5) crenolanib 28.7711
torcetrapib 42.0439
2 HGFR (3U6H) compound 03X 40.8298
torcetrapib 40.2422
3 IL-2 receptor (4HCV) compound 13 J 46.049
torcetrapib 38.126
4 ErbB1 (3BEL) compound POX 35.5674
torcetrapib 34.7466