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Table 3 PPI and network property z-score of crosstalk motifs with zero and non-zero functional similarity

From: Crosstalk between transcription factors and microRNAs in human protein interaction network

  TF   TF-miRNA miRNA
z-score PPI Network PPI Network PPI Network
0 5.71 12.96 6.15 11.81 5.68 9.63
> 0 8.89 16.43 8.68 14.59 8.03 12.38
p-value 2.07E-15 1.89E-11 8.29E-29 2.31E-13 3.87E-42 2.02E-24
  1. *P-values were derived from Wilcoxon rank-sum test. TF and miRNA represented TF-TF and miRNA-miRNA combinations respectively. Network represented the average z-score of the network properties. Z-scores in this table were averaged.