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Figure 7

From: Genome-scale metabolic reconstructions of Pichia stipitis and Pichia pastoris and in silico evaluation of their potentials

Figure 7

Comparison between the maximum capacities for amino acids and recombinant protein production with different carbon sources using the iLC915 model of P. pastoris. The production of amino acids was evaluated with glucose, glycerol and methanol, as well as with a mixture of methanol with sorbitol, data is expressed in mole of amino acid per carbon mole of substrate. The production of FAB was simulated with glucose, glycerol, sorbitol and methanol, and mixtures of methanol with glycerol or sorbitol. FAB production was used as the objective function. Data is expressed as the percentage of the maximum production, which was obtained with a mixture 5-95% of methanol and glycerol. Asterisks over some mixtures indicate that such combinations were already evaluated in experimental work, and therefore can be used in a production process.

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