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Figure 1

From: Topological analysis of protein co-abundance networks identifies novel host targets important for HCV infection and pathogenesis

Figure 1

Highly differentially regulated proteins are preferentially targeted by pathogens and HCV. A. Pathogen interactors are enriched in differentially expressed proteins from cell culture experiments. The percentage of known pathogen interaction targets in general is shown for the top 20% of proteins ranked by differential regulation overall at each time point post-infection (red bars) versus background (blue bars). Statistically significant enrichment is indicated by asterisks with p-values less than 0.05 by Fisher's exact test. B. Pathogen interactors are enriched in proteins differentially expressed in patients with severe fibrosis. The percentage of pathogen targets in the top 20% of differentially regulated proteins is shown (red bars) versus the percentage in the other proteins (blue bars). None of these comparisons was significant by Fisher's exact test.

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