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Figure 7

From: Topological analysis of protein co-abundance networks identifies novel host targets important for HCV infection and pathogenesis

Figure 7

Topological enrichment of best networks. Bottlenecks (A) or hubs (B) were identified in the best networks inferred from the Huh-7.5 (blue bars) or fibrosis patient (red bars) proteomics data. Bottlenecks or hubs were examined for enrichment in general pathogen interactors (pathogen targets), specific HCV interactors (HCV targets), and proteins with cognate genes that exhibit positive evolutionary selection (selected). Fold-enrichment is calculated as the percentage of annotated proteins in the bottleneck group divided by the percentage of annotated proteins in non-bottlenecks or non-hubs as appropriate. Statistical significance was evaluated by Fisher's exact test, p-values for significant enrichment are indicated.

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