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Table 1 We have summarized body part(s), network motifs, triple genes, and GO terms for three periods (early, middle, and late stages)

From: Spatiotemporal network motif reveals the biological traits of developmental gene regulatory networks in Drosophila melanogaster

Periods Body parts Network motif Triple
GO term (p-value)
Early Maternal Motif 11 bcd, hb, kni GO:0007354 (3.26e-06)
  dors ectoderm AISN Motif 12 Kr, hb, gt GO:0007354 (3.26e-06)
  vent ectoderm AISN    
  procephalic ectoderm AISN    
  dors ectoderm AISN Motif 4 eve, en, zen GO:0016564 (8.55e-05)
Middle Post endoderm PR Motif 4 tll, Kr, salm GO:0045165 (2.10e-03)
  hindgut A Motif 4 tll, hb, salm GO:0001708 (5.11e-05)
  vent nerve cord PR P3 Motif 12 cas, Kr, nub GO:0007402 (4.31e-08)
  vent nerve cord PR P3 Motif 12 Kr, hb, nub GO:0007402 (5.29e-08)
  vent ectoderm PR Motif 4 hb, en, eve GO:0001709 (2.79e-04)
Late clypeo-labral PR Motif 6 odd, prd, en GO:0007365 (9.40e-06)
  vent epidermis PR    
  vent epidermis PR Motif 6 nkd, en, wg GO:0014016 (8.88e-06)
  clypeo-labral PR Motif 6 slp1, en, wg GO:0035289 (6.14e-07)
  vent epidermis PR    
  dors epidermis PR    
  brain Motif 12 Kr, hb, nub GO:0007402 (5.29e-08)
  vent nerve cord    
  brain Motif 7 gt, Kr, hkb GO:0007354 (3.26e-06)
  brain   hb, Kr, Nos GO:0001709 (3.21e-04)
  1. Abbreviation: bcd (bicoid), cad (caudal), cas (castor), en (engrailed), eve (even slipped), gt (giant), hb (hunchback), kni (knirps), Kr (Kruppel), nkd (naked cuticle), Nos (nanos), nub (nubbin), odd (odd skipped), prd (paired), salm (spalt major), slp (sloppy paired), tll (tailless), wg (wingless), zen (zerknullt)
  2. GO terms: GO:0007354 zygotic determination of anterior/posterior axis, embryo, GO:0016564 transcription repressor activity, GO:0045165 cell fate commitment, GO:0001708 cell fate specification, GO:0007402 ganglion mother cell fate determination, GO:0007365 periodic partitioning, GO:0014016 neuroblast differentiation, GO:0035289 posterior head segmentation.