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Table 5 Top 15 co-targets for countering drug resistance under ETA treatment

From: Identifying co-targets to fight drug resistance based on a random walk model

Co-target Exp Essential Annotation Ref
pgk 0.12 In Vitro essential phosphoglycerate kinase [55]
Rv3802c 0.25 In Vitro essential conserved membrane protein [55]
Rv1343c 0.37 Not Essential lipoprotein [65, 66]
Rv1474c 0.03 Not Essential transcriptional regulator  
Rv0481c 0.08 Not Essential hypothetical protein  
Rv2455c 0.63 Not Essential oxidoreductase alpha subunit  
accA2 0.36 In Vitro essential acetyl-/propionyl-CoA carboxylase alpha subunit [59]
fadD18 0.05 Not Essential fatty-acid-CoA ligase  
fadA5 0.45 Not Essential acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase [2]
atpB 0.46 In Vitro essential ATP synthase A chain [55, 67]
Rv2367c 0.28 Not Essential hypothetical protein  
Rv3355c 0.01 Not Essential conserved hypothetical protein  
Rv2199c 0.55 Not Essential conserved membrane protein  
Rv3310 1.38 Not Essential acid phosphatase [68]
nadC 0.59 Not Essential nicotinate-nucleotide pyrophosphatase [69]