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Table 5 The set of reactions for which the ratio between the estimate of the rate constant and the estimate of its error is equal or greater than one

From: Inferring biochemical reaction pathways: the case of the gemcitabine pharmacokinetics

Reaction ID Rate constant Expected/Unexpected
R1 k1=7.11±0.08 E
R2 k2=0.8±0.2 E
R3 k3=0.7±0.2 P
R4 k4=3±1 P
R5 k5=0.43±0.15 E
R6 k6=1.1±0.3 E
R7 k7=0.7±0.3 E
R8 k8=0.25±0.13 E
R10 k10=1.8±0.4 U
R14 k14=1.2±0.9 E
R15 k15=0.74±0.04 P
R25 k25=1.3±0.3 E
R26 k26=1.1±0.2 E
R30 k30=1.0±0.4 U
  1. The reactions R11, R19 and R20 tagged as “expected” by the correlation-based inference procedure and reported in Table 4 have been cut off by the network calibration procedure, and thus they do not appear in this Table. The reactions whose ID is bold faced are discussed in the text in Section “Results”.