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Table 3 Transcriptional regulators and predicted target genes

From: Regulatory interactions for iron homeostasis in Aspergillus fumigatus inferred by a Systems Biology approach

Regulator newly predicted target genest
  Before refinement After refinement
SreA sreA, hem13* sreA
HapX hapX hapX
PacC pacC, hem13  
SrbA srbA, hapX srbA,hemA
  1. For each regulator, newly predicted target genes are shown. A target gene is counted as "newly predicted" if it was predicted by the time series data without prior knowledge, or if it was predicted by prior knowledge based on the occurrence of transcription factor binding motif (source 3) and was found to be consistent with the gene expression data. The second column of the table lists the results after refining the model. Bold genes have been validated by Northern blots [37] (before refinement) or binding to SrbA (after refinement). The interaction marked with asterix was falsified.