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Figure 8

From: A simple theoretical framework for understanding heterogeneous differentiation of CD4+ T cells

Figure 8

Analyses of Prototype Model 3 (heterogeneous differentiation of iT Reg and T H 17 cells). a. Bidirectional two-parameter bifurcation diagram with respect to primary signal TCR + TGF-β and polarizing signals ATRA/IL2 and IL-6. Adjoined circles: multistability. Blue circle: naïve phenotype. Green circle: Foxp3 single-positive phenotype. Red circle: RORγt single-positive phenotype. Yellow: DP phenotype. b. Simulation results of induced differentiation. The heterogeneity scores with respect to Foxp3 single-positive phenotype, RORγt single-positive phenotype and DP phenotype are shown.

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