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Table 5 Summary of simulation results of Prototype Model 2

From: A simple theoretical framework for understanding heterogeneous differentiation of CD4+ T cells

Conditions of differentiation induction Induced cell population Evidence
TCR signal alone The cell population is dominated by the TH1 cells [17]
TCR signal and IL-23 + IL-1 signal Heterogeneous differentiation of T-bet+RORγt- cells and T-bet+RORγt+ cells. [17]
TCR signal and TGF-β + IL-6 signal The cell population is dominated by T-bet-RORγt+ cells [17]
Lowering TCR signal after differentiation Reprogramming from T-bet+RORγt+ cells to T-bet+RORγt- cells Prediction
TCR signal and low dose of TGF-β + IL-6 (≈0.4 unit) Heterogeneous differentiation of TH1 and TH17 cells Prediction
Knocking out T-bet genes and inducing with TCR signal Homogeneous differentiation of T-bet-RORγt+ cells with either TGF-β signal or IL-23 + IL-1 signal [17]