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Table 2 Validation of the anti-correlationship between miRNAs and mRNAsexpression levels by qRT-PCR

From: Identifying MicroRNA-mRNA regulatory network in colorectal cancer by a combination of expression profile and bioinformatics analysis

  Correlation (Pearson’s R, p value)
mir-21 Sig. (−0.24,0.02) NS- NS- NS-
mir-224 NS- Sig.a (− 0.64,0.00) NS- NS-
mir-29a Siga (− 0.26,0.02) NS- NSa- Sig.a (− 0.38,0.00)
mir-29b NS- NS- NS- NS-
  1. a, predicted target-relationship miRNA-mRNA pairs by TargetScan and miRanda.
  2. Sig., statistic significance, p < 0.05.
  3. NS, non statistic significance.