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Table 2 Genes ranked based on their treatment-frequency fold change values at 26 hours

From: Frequency-based time-series gene expression recomposition using PRIISM

Rank Annotation P-Value (Treatment-Frequency Fold Change, 26 Hours) Cold Upregulation Category*[54]
1 AT1G09350: Arabidopsis thaliana Galactinol Synthase 3 (AtGolS3) 3.97E-31 COS
2 AT4G14690: Early Light-Inducible Protein 2 (ELIP2) 3.18E-28 COS
3 AT4G12470: Azelaic Acid Induced 1 (AZI1) 1.23E-25 COS
4 AT3G50970: Low Temperature-Induced 30 (LTI30) 3.62E-22 COS
5 AT1G16850: Unknown protein 7.38E-22 COS
6 AT3G22840: Early Light-Inducible Protein 1 (ELIP1) 8.66E-21 COS
7 AT1G51090: Heavy-metal-associated domain-containing 1.41E-16 COS
8 AT3G55580: Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) family protein 3.62E-16 COS
9 AT5G25110: CIPK25 (CBL-Interacting Protein Kinase 25) 1.13E-13 COS
10 AT5G52310: COR78 (Cold Regulated 78) 3.25E-13 COS
11 AT1G02820: late embryogenesis abundant 3 family protein/LEA3 family protein 3.29E-13 Soil
12 AT4G30830: similar to unknown protein (AT2G24140.1) 5.57E-13 COS
13 AT2G23910: Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase-related 9.97E-13 Plate
14 AT1G48100: Glycoside hydrolase family 28 protein/polygalacturonase (pectinase) family protein 1.93E-12 COS
15 AT5G17030: UDP-Glucosyl Transferase 78D3 (UGT78D3) 3.07E-12 COS
16 AT4G33070: Pyruvate decarboxylase, putative 3.43E-12 COS
17 AT3G17130: Invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor family protein 4.21E-11 COS
18 AT1G11210: Similar to unknown protein (TAIR:AT1G11220.1) 1.06E-10 COS
19 AT1G62570: Flavin-monooxygenase Glucosinolates-Oxygenase 4 (FMO GS-OX4) 3.24E-10 COS
20 AT2G16890: UDP-glucoronosyl/UDP-glucosyl transferase family protein 5.52E-10 COS
21 AT4G25480: Dehydration response element B1A (DREB1A); C-Repeat Binding Factor 3 (CBF3) 6.1E-10 COS
22 AT1G20440: Cold-Regulated 47 (COR47); (RD17) 1.08E-09 COS
23 AT1G61800: Glucose-6-Phosphate/Phosphate Translocator 2 (GPT2) 1.37E-09 Plate
24 AT4G17550: Transporter-related 1.52E-09 COS
25 AT1G62710: Beta Vacuolar Processing Enzyme (BETA-VPE) 5.78E-09 COS
  1. *“ Cold Upregulation Category” indicates whether a gene was upregulated in the cold when plants were grown in soil (“Soil”), on agar plates (“Plate”), on both growth mediums (“COS”), or on neither (“Novel”) in Vogel et al’s study [54].