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Table 4 A comparison of the clock patterns between PRIISM-processed and original gene expression data

From: Frequency-based time-series gene expression recomposition using PRIISM

Gene Name AGI Number P-values for Warm Gene Expression Data P-values for Cold Gene Expression Data
   Original Clock-Frequency (PRIISM) Original Clock-Frequency (PRIISM)
COR15A AT2G42540 5.6E-17 0 0.125 0.039
COR15B AT2G42530 0 0 0.038 4.3E-03
COR47 AT1G20440 4.7E-09 1.8E-13 0.012 3.8E-03
COR78 AT5G52310 0 0 0.013 2.3E-03
CBF1 AT4G25490 5.0E-07 7.2E-08 4.5E-04 3.8E-05
CBF2 AT4G25470 3.9E-06 1.6E-13 3.2E-08 2.2E-09
CBF3 AT4G25480 5.5E-14 5.6E-17 2.6E-07 5.0E-10
RAV1 AT1G13260 1.8E-06 3.0E-10 7.4E-05 2.8E-04
ZAT12 AT5G59820 3.4E-03 4.9E-05 1.4E-04 1.9E-05
  1. P-values (calculated using the T-test HAYSTACK function) indicate the correlation of the gene expression patterns of well-studied cold-responsive genes to pre-defined cyclic clock patterns.