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Figure 5

From: Evolvability of feed-forward loop architecture biases its abundance in transcription networks

Figure 5

Computation of the transition frequencies. Sketch of the procedure. In (a) the update rule is shown. For a given string of conditional relations (BR) the associated dynamical pattern is calculated at time-step t - 1. Next the entries of BR are mutated at time-step t and the (new) dynamical pattern is evaluated. Then the transition of patternt-1 to pattern t is binned. This protocol is executed until no more changes in the bins occur as shown in plot (c). In (b) the graph Ω m i ) associated to the transitions between the possible types of dynamics is represented for C1. The thickness of the arrows correspond to transition probabilities obtained from procedure (a). From these graphs (see Methods) we can calculate the motif evolvability ε, which is found to positively correlate with ρ i ).

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