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Table 3 Suggested use of ICpeptides relevant to this study

From: Computational analysis of calcium signaling and membrane electrophysiology in cerebellar Purkinje neurons associated with ataxia

ICpeptide Base pairs Minimal binding region of target Use suggested by this study Reference
IC4 Q2714-A2749 R2731-G2736 in vivo competitive inhibition of PP1α (Tang et al., 2003b,
    with reduced levels of IP3R1 Tu et al., 2004)
IC-G2736X D2590-G2736 F2627-G2736 in vitro/vivo competitive inhibition of mutant Ataxin (Tang et al., 2009)
    with supersensitive IP3R1  
IC10 F2627-A2749 F2627-G2736 possible alternative to IC-G2726X (Tang et al., 2009)