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Figure 4

From: URDME: a modular framework for stochastic simulation of reaction-transport processes in complex geometries

Figure 4

DFSP benchmark results. (A) Performance of DFSP shows a comparison of simulation times for DFSP at varying τ D values (red) and NSM (blue), and the DFSP speedup factor (green). For this model, DFSP outperforms NSM for τ D >0.01. (B) Error in DFSP shows the relative error in MinCDE oscillation period (red) and the oscillation patterns for three simulations. Simulations with τ D <0.1 produces coherent oscillation patterns and result in a negligible error. The system was simulated to a final time 900s. Simulations were performed on a 1.8 Ghz Intel Core i7 processor.

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