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Figure 2

From: Probing the role of stochasticity in a model of the embryonic stem cell – heterogeneous gene expression and reprogramming efficiency

Figure 2

Time series and distributions of [OS], [N] and [G] concentrations for the stochastic dynamics of the gene regulatory network with inputs from LIF-BMP4 and 2i/3i media with concentrations LIF =85 and I 3=6 respectively. Variation of residence time in the ES state. (A) Time series of NANOG (red) and OCT4-SOX2 (blue) when in LIF-BMP4 medium show significant fluctuations of NANOG expression between high and low levels. (B) Time series of NANOG and OCT4-SOX2 when in 2i/3i medium. (C) NANOG and OCT4-SOX2 distributions when in LIF-BMP4 medium. NANOG exhibits a wide distribution. (D) NANOG and OCT4-SOX2 distributions when in 2i/3i medium. (E) Time series showing the differentiation process occurring when the cells are maintained in LIF-BMP4 medium; NANOG (red), OCT4-SOX2 (blue) and G (green). The up-regulation of the differentiation gene G leads to an irreversible down-regulation of OCT4-SOX2 and NANOG. (F) The mean time that a stem cell remains in the ESC state increases with LIF concentration in the LIF-BMP4 stem cell medium.

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