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Figure 3

From: Probing the role of stochasticity in a model of the embryonic stem cell – heterogeneous gene expression and reprogramming efficiency

Figure 3

NANOG and OCT4 standard deviations for multiple parameter sets. Each parameter set was generated by randomly sampling ±15, 5% 15 and 50% around each parameter in Table 1 for LIF=100. In each case the NANOG standard deviation (SD) was greater than the OCT4-SOX2 SD, thereby suggesting that NANOG displays more heterogeneity. The oval A correspond to those parameter sets representing the differentiated state in which G is high and all other components are suppressed (hence low values of NANOG and OCT4). The points enclosed by the oval B represent parameter sets in which: NANOG is weakly regulated by itself; strongly suppressed by FGF4 and G. In addition OCT4 is weakly suppressed by G, which allows NANOG and G both to be expressed.

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