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Table 1 Comparison with multiple E. coli gene essentiality studies

From: Characterizing criticality of proteins by systems dynamics: Escherichia coli central carbon metabolism as a working example

Protein Gene Criticality Flux-sum Keio collection Genetic footprinting PEC database
PGK pgk Critical  
GAPDH gapA Critical  
ENO eno Critical  
ALDO fbaA Critical
PGI pgi Uncritical
PK pykF Uncritical
PGM pgm Uncritical
Ru5P rpe Critical   
G1PAT glgC Uncritical
  1. Our characterizations of protein criticality (Col 3) are compared with multiple gene essentiality studies (Col 5-7) besides the validations through flux-sum (Col 4).
  2. Note: "√" means this evidence supports the characterization of criticality