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Table 6 Candidates of MRs and their regulated genes for diabetes progression in GK rat.

From: A computational procedure for identifying master regulator candidates: a case study on diabetes progression in Goto-Kakizaki rats

TF Regulated genes No. of genes
Etv4 Mcm10 Erbb2 Mmp7 Nid1 Plau Ptgs2 6  
Fus Mcpt8l2 Mcpt9 Paics Ppat Ugt1a1 Ugt1a2 12 54
  Ugt1a3 Ugt1a5 Ugt1a6 Ugt1a7c Ugt1a8 Ugt1a9   
Nr2f1 Alox5 Cpt1b Cyp11b2 Tf Ugt1a3 Ugt1a5 6  
Sp2 Capns1 Irs2 LOC685183 LOC685226 LOC685291 LOC685759 24  
  LOC688519 LOC688603 LOC689083 LOC689312 LOC689338 LOC689690   
  LOC689999 LOC690179 LOC690328 LOC690379 LOC690577 LOC691712   
  LOC691735 LOC691754 Papss2 Vom2r45 Vom2r46 Vom2r47   
Tcfap2b Aqp1 Egfr Krt14 Ptgds Sod2 Tgm1 6  
  1. The genes in bold characters are included in known TF-gene relationships detected by network screening.