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Table 2 Enriched KEGG pathways of bidirectional genes in eight different species.

From: The preservation of bidirectional promoter architecture in eukaryotes: what is the driving force?

Pathway human mouse rat cow chicken fruit fly C.elegans yeast Count
Spliceosome hsa03040 mmu03040 rno03040 bta03040 gga03040 dre03040 cel03040 sce03040 8
RNA degradation hsa03018 mmu03018 rno03020 bta03018   dre03018 cel03018 sce03018 7
Nucleotide excision repair hsa03420 mmu03420 rno03420   gga03420 dre03420 cel03420 sce03420 7
RNA polymerase hsa03020 mmu03020   bta03020   dre03020 cel03030 sce03020 6
Non-homologous end-joining hsa03450   rno03450 bta03450 gga03450 dre03450 cel03450   6
Oxidative phosphorylation hsa00190 mmu00190 rno00190 bta00190 gga00190   cel00190   6
Pyrimidine metabolism hsa00240 mmu00240     dre00240 cel00240 sce00240 5
Ribosome hsa03010    bta03010   dre03010 cel03010 sce03010 5
Base excision repair hsa03410    bta03410 gga03410 dre03410   sce03410 5
Purine metabolism   mmu00230     dre00230 cel00230 sce00230 4
DNA replication hsa03030 mmu03030     dre03030   sce03030 4
Proteasome      gga03050 dre03050 cel03050 sce03050 4
Mismatch repair hsa03430      dre03430 cel03430 sce03430 4
Homologous recombination hsa03440 mmu03440     dre03440 cel03440   4
Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis hsa00970   rno00970   gga00970   cel00970   4
N-Glycan biosynthesis   mmu00510 rno00510     cel00510   3
Cell cycle hsa04110 mmu04110 rno04110       3
Peroxisome hsa04146 mmu04146 rno04146       3
Systemic lupus erythematosus hsa05322 mmu05322   bta05322      3
O-Mannosyl glycan biosynthesis   mmu00514    gga00514    sce00514 3
Folate biosynthesis       dre00790 cel00790 sce00970 3
Metabolic pathways(Global Pathway) hsa01100       cel01100 sce01100 3
Protein export       dre03060 cel03060 sce03060 3
Basal transcription factors       dre03022   sce03022 2
SNARE interactions in vesicular transport       dre04130   sce04130 2
Parkinson's disease hsa05012    bta05012      2
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle)    rno00020     cel00020   2
  1. The first three letters represent the abbreviation of each organism and the following numbers mean the accession number of the pathway in KEGG. The COUNT is the number of species which is enriched with the pathway. The pathways which only enriched in one organism were excluded.