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Table 3 Enriched KEGG pathway of human cBIP and sBIP gene classes.

From: The preservation of bidirectional promoter architecture in eukaryotes: what is the driving force?

KEGG pathway ID Pathway Name p-value gene type
hsa03040* Spliceosome 4.24E-04 cBIP
hsa03020* RNA polymerase 1.09E-03 cBIP
hsa05012 Parkinson's disease 1.64E-03 cBIP
hsa05010 Alzheimer's disease 1.78E-03 cBIP
hsa00190 Oxidative phosphorylation 1.93E-03 cBIP
hsa03018* RNA degradation 1.93E-03 cBIP
hsa04110 Cell cycle 3.01E-03 cBIP
hsa04142 Lysosome 4.32E-03 cBIP
hsa05016 Huntington's disease 5.11E-03 cBIP
hsa00970 Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis 8.60E-03 cBIP
hsa00052 Galactose metabolism 1.54E-02 cBIP
hsa03440 # Homologous recombination 2.10E-02 cBIP
hsa04146 Peroxisome 3.62E-02 cBIP
hsa03420 # Nucleotide excision repair 4.03E-02 cBIP
hsa00230 Purine metabolism 4.32E-02 cBIP
hsa03410 # Base excision repair 4.47E-02 cBIP
hsa00240 Pyrimidine metabolism 2.28E-02 sBIP
hsa00562 Inositol phosphate metabolism 2.36E-02 sBIP
hsa01100 Metabolic pathways 9.65E-03 sBIP
hsa03020* RNA polymerase 9.05E-03 sBIP
hsa03030 DNA replication 1.92E-02 sBIP
hsa03050 Proteasome 4.85E-02 sBIP
hsa03410 # Base excision repair 1.58E-02 sBIP
hsa03420 # Nucleotide excision repair 3.70E-02 sBIP
hsa04115 p53 signaling pathway 4.81E-02 sBIP
hsa05215 Prostate cancer 4.30E-02 sBIP
  1. The two categeries of human bidirectional genes (cBIP, sBIP) were computed for the KEGG pathway enrichment respectively. cBIP represents the genes regulated by the human-mouse conserved bidirectional promoters, while the sBIP represents the genes in the species-specific bidirectional gene pairs. * Transcription and translation related pathways. # DNA repair related pathways