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Table 1 Protein and the complex annotation summary

From: PCDq: human protein complex database with quality index which summarizes different levels of evidences of protein complexes predicted from H-Invitational protein-protein interactions integrative dataset

Number of the proteins (a)  
H-InvDB proteins 108,530
Proteins in the PPI data set 9,268
Proteins in the predicted complexes 4,513
   Category I 2,106
   Category II 299
   Category III 3,273
Number of the complexes (b)  
Perfectly matched 136
Partially matched 405
Hypothetical 723
Total 1,264
  1. (a) Number of proteins in H-InvDB, the integrated PPI data set, and the predicted complexes. The categorized proteins in the predicted complexes are described in the text. Because complex sharing proteins could be classified into more than one category as subunits of different complexes, the total number of categorized proteins is greater than the number of nonredundant proteins in the predicted complexes. (b) Type of the predicted complexes. Three types of predicted complexes were defined by degree of matching to known complexes (details are in the text). Total number of the predicted complexes in this study is 1,264.