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Table 3 Hypothetical proteins whose functions can be easily inferred from their partners

From: PCDq: human protein complex database with quality index which summarizes different levels of evidences of protein complexes predicted from H-Invitational protein-protein interactions integrative dataset

HIP (protein ID) Complex No. CQI Name Confirmed later
HIP000013164 24 10.1.2/13 dREAM complex yes
HIP000053526 24 10.1.2/13 dREAM complex yes
HIP000177716 61 8.0.1/9 Fanconi anemia (FA) core complex yes
HIP000079962 75 11.0.2/13 INO80 complex yes
HIP000024165 101 4.0.1/5 Lamins complex no
HIP000046613 200 3.0.2/5 C8orf32-EFCBP2-RUNX1T1-ZNF652 containing complex no
HIP000038372 673 4.0.1/5 BCL2A1-BCL2L1-BCL2L2-HRK-PMAIP1 complex no
HIP000089800 922 2.0.1/3 HIF-1alpha-pVHL-ElonginB-ElonginC complex no
HIP000027799 940 3.0.1/4 SRGAP3-WASF1 containing complex no
HIP000060581 960 3.0.2/5 C19orf25-KNTC1-ZW10 containing complex no
HIP000015491 967 3.0.2/5 NONO-PSPC1-WBP4-ZNRD1 containing complex no
HIP000114159 1156 2.0.2/4 NUTF2-RAN complex no
HIP000091971 1310 4.0.3/7 SCF (Skp1, cullin 1, F-box) ubiquitin E3 ligase complex no
  1. Thirteen hypothetical proteins whose complexes have at least half category I subunits are shown.