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Table 5 Enriched gene ontology categories identified in the T2D risk genes.

From: Genome-wide meta-analysis of genetic susceptible genes for Type 2 Diabetes

Gene Ontology Term Genes Involved P Value
glucose homeostasis 16 6.16E-09
regulation of glucose transport 12 6.61E-08
regulation of insulin secretion 15 6.59E-08
glucose transport 15 3.33E-07
peptide secretion 19 2.82E-07
insulin secretion 17 3.78E-07
response to insulin stimulus 22 2.42E-06
response to peptide hormone stimulus 27 3.02E-06
cellular response to hormone stimulus 25 3.79E-06
hormone transport 20 6.62E-06
cholesterol transport 12 8.92E-06
positive regulation of glucose import 8 9.49E-06
positive regulation of fatty acid metabolic process 8 1.42E-06
cellular response to insulin stimulus 16 1.83E-05
negative regulation of macrophage derived foam cell differentiation 6 2.02E-05
positive regulation of glucose metabolic process 7 3.00E-05
regulation of lipid metabolic process 19 3.42E-05