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Table 5 Analysis of clique connectivity profile MaxCliques

From: Cliques for the identification of gene signatures for colorectal cancer across population

Population Result of GO TERMFINDER & DAVID level 3 Pathways (p-value)
USA Positive regulation of cellular processes (1.2E-7) Wnt Signaling (4.3E-7)
Colorectal Cancer (2.3E-6)
  Regulation of cell proliferation (3.3E-5) TGF-beta signaling (2.7E-6)
Cell cycle (1.2E-5)
Signal transduction (2.05E-5)
Pathways in Cancer (1.7 E-3)
Hunting disease (2.3E-2)
GER Cell morphogenesis (3.1E-6) ErbB signaling pathway (1.5 E-7)
  Cellular response to chemical stimulus (4.4E-06) Focal adhesion (1.1E-6)
GnRH signaling pathway (3.2E-3)
  Positive regulation of cellular process (1.1E-11) JAK-STAT(1.1E-3)
Neurotrophin signaling pathway (2.8E-5)
CHN Positive regulation of cellular process (7.3E-11) Wnt Signaling (5.1E-5)
  Regulation of cell differentiation(1.3E-4) B cell receptor signaling pathway(2E-2)
  Regulation of growth(5.8E-04) T cell receptor signaling pathway (3.9E-2)