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Table 3 Top 10 significantly enriched GO terms

From: Construction of the influenza A virus infection-induced cell-specific inflammatory regulatory network based on mutual information and optimization

GO term (Biological Processes) Count FDR
GO:0006952~defense response 24 7.01e-20
GO:0006954~inflammatory response 18 9.38e-16
GO:0009617~response to bacterium 15 2.53e-14
GO:0006955~immune response 21 2.65e-14
GO:0009611~response to wounding 18 3.56e-12
GO:0006935~chemotaxis 12 2.35e-10
GO:0042330~taxis 12 2.35e-10
GO:0002684~positive regulation of immune system process 13 6.24e-10
GO:0051240~positive regulation of multicellular organismal process 13 8.39e-10
GO:0001817~regulation of cytokine production 12 9.18e-10
  1. The second column is the number of proteins from our protein list in the corresponding GO term.