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Table 4 KGML subtypes and the corresponding SBML Qual sign attributes and SBO identifiers

From: Path2Models: large-scale generation of computational models from biochemical pathway maps

KGML subtype SBML Qual sign SBO identifier SBO name
activation positive SBO:0000170 stimulation
inhibition negative SBO:0000169 Inhibition
expression positive SBO:0000170 stimulation
repression negative SBO:0000169 inhibition
indirect effect unknown SBO:0000344 molecular interaction
state change unknown SBO:0000168 control
binding/association unknown SBO:0000177 non-covalent binding
dissociation unknown SBO:0000177 non-covalent binding
missing interaction unknown SBO:0000396 uncertain process
phosphorylation unknown SBO:0000216 phosphorylation
dephosphorylation unknown SBO:0000330 dephosphorylation
glycosylation unknown SBO:0000217 glycosylation
ubiquitination unknown SBO:0000224 ubiquination
methylation unknown SBO:0000214 methylation