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Figure 5

From: Lessons from the modular organization of the transcriptional regulatory network of Bacillus subtilis

Figure 5

Paralogous transcription factors not belonging to a module. In red are the paralogous TFs belonging to the carbon metabolism module. Paralogous TFs associated with the general stress response module are indicated in light green. TFs involved in nucleotide biosynthesis are shown in dark green. TFs devoted to the respiration module are shown in pink. TFs related to the secretion stress module are shown in orange. Paralogous regulatory proteins clustered in the cell differentiation module are shown in purple. TFs regulating nitrogen metabolism are shown in yellow. Paralogous TFs clustered in the mother cell module are shown in brown. TFs representing degradative enzymes are shown in blue. A group of regulatory genes that were not clustered in a module (grey) but are paralogous to a TF belonging to a module is also shown. A group of structural genes that are related to paralogous TFs are shown in light yellow. The line represents the paralogous relationship between structural and/or regulatory genes.

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