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Figure 4

From: Promoter activity dynamics in the lag phase of Escherichia coli

Figure 4

Cells enter lag2 immediately on glucose minimal medium, and express ribosomal promoters. Normalized mean GFP fluorescence of the cells over time, for different reporter strains in minimal glucose‚ÄČ+‚ÄČamino-acid medium (M9CGLU). Growth phases are indicated. Data for each reporter were normalized by its mean value. Lines are guides to the eye, except for the katG reporter, in which the data was smoothed by a Gaussian lowpass filter. Error bars indicate standard errors. (A) Normalized mean fluorescence of the arabinose system reporters, and katG. (B) Normalized mean fluorescence of ribosomal reporters. (C) Normalized mean fluorescence of amino-acid genes reporters.

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