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Table 1 Simplified examples illustrating the need for a proper distribution of Nox1 subunits

From: Function and design of the Nox1 system in vascular smooth muscle cells

Subunit distribution in RtRS Responsiveness to representative signals
[p47phox] = 0; [Rac1GDP] = 0; No response to S1, S2, or S1 & S2
[p47phox] = 0; [Rac1GDP] = 1; Response to S2, and S1 & S2, but no response to S1
[p47phox] = 1; [Rac1GDP] = 0; Response to S1, and S1 & S2, but no response to S2
[p47phox] = 1; [Rac1GDP] = 1; Response only to S1 & S2, but not to S1 or S2