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Table 1 Information on the selected features

From: Novel semantic similarity measure improves an integrative approach to predicting gene functional associations

Feature type Feature source Feature name Missing feature
    values (%)
  GoPubMed GoPubMed-related-gene 24.75
   GoPubMed-related-GO 25.79
Extracted by   GoPubMed-related-disease 29.74
text-mining tools FACTA FACTA-related-gene 28.24
   FACTA-related-disease 32.59
   FACTA-related-drug 57.15
  Pathway databases:   
Extracted from Reactome, KEGG, Related-pathway 65.91
online databases NetPath, and   
  NCI-Nature PID   
  1. The selected features and their corresponding sources are summarized in this Table. The last column reports the percentage of feature missing values.