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Table 3 A statistical comparison of central carbon metabolism modules

From: AMBIENT: Active Modules for Bipartite Networks - using high-throughput transcriptomic data to dissect metabolic response

  ambient GiGA
Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis - top   
Module u2 u2
Recall .67 .89
Precision .33 .23
F-measure .44 .36
TCA Cycle   
Module u1 u1
Recall .94 .63
Precision .19 .13
F-measure .32 .22
GLY/GLN - TCA connection pathway   
Module d1 d1
Recall .86 .29
Precision .03 .05
F-measure .05 .09
  1. Values of recall, precision and F-measure for the comparison between the two computational inference methods for metabolic modules and the expert curation of DeRisi et al. [13]. The modules containing the relevant parts of metabolism for each computational method are indicated on the table, where ‘u’ and ‘d’ represent up- and down-regulated modules and the number corresponds to the numbers of the modules found in order of significance by the two methods. Diagrams for these can be found in the Additional file 2 except ambient u1, which can be seen in Figure 2.