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Table 1 The comparison of average co-active rate and the percentage of complexes formed in a continuous time point set of the known complexes and complexes predicted by algorithms

From: An effective method for refining predicted protein complexes based on protein activity and the mechanism of protein complex formation

Complexes Average Formed
  ( CoActiveRate) complexes(%)
Known Complexes 0.595 63.4%
Predicted Complexes(CMC) 0.210 23.0%
Predicted Complexes(DPClus) 0.329 36.5%
Predicted Complexes(IPCA) 0.269 29.3%
Predicted Complexes(CPM) 0.335 37.0%
Predicted Complexes(MCL) 0.252 28.8%
Predicted Complexes(Core) 0.265 29.7%
  1. The average co-active rates of the known complexes and the complexes predicted by six algorithms are compared in Table 1. The percentages of complexes which are formed in a continuous time point set in the known complexes and predicted complexes are list in Table 1.