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Table 5 The list of proteins with both high BC and large degree and their functions

From: Construction and analysis of the protein-protein interaction network related to essential hypertension

Symbol Function description
NOS3 Produces nitric oxide which is implicated in vascular smooth muscle relaxation.
CYP2E1 An effective producer of reactive oxygen species.
KNG1 Precursor of vasoactive kinins.
NPY A peptide with direct and potential effects on vasoconstriction.
HIF1A Functions as a master transcriptional regulator of the adaptive response to hypoxia.
POMC Controls energy homeostasis.
REN Generates angiotensin I from angiotensinogen in the plasma.
TNF A proinflammatory cytokine which induce endothelial dysfunction.
PTH Elevates calcium level by dissolving the salts in bone and preventing their renal excretion.
SRC Involves in cell maintenance and communication.
AKT1 Phosphorylates NOS3.
PTGER3 Receptor for prostaglandin E2.
INS Decreases blood glucose concentration.