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Table 6 The list of proteins only with high BC and their functions

From: Construction and analysis of the protein-protein interaction network related to essential hypertension

Symbol Function description
CAT Protects cells from the toxic effects of hydrogen peroxide.
COMT Inactivates catecholamine neurotransmitters and catechol hormones.
CALM1 Activates NO synthesis in NOS3.
TGFB1 Controls proliferation, differentiation and other functions in many cell types.
CACNA2D1 Calcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha 2/delta subunit 1.
SIRT1 NAD-dependent protein deacetylase.
IFNG Has an important immunoregulatory function.
RGS5 A potent GTPase-activating protein for Giα and Gqα.
GRK4 Specifically phosphorylates the activated forms of G protein-coupled receptors.
TRPV5 Actives calcium selective cation channel involved in Ca (2+) reabsorption.
ATP1B1 Maintains the normal gradients of Na (+) and K (+) across plasma membrane.
SELE Cell-surface glycoprotein having a role in immunoadhesion.
GNAQ Acts as an activator of phospholipase C.
SP1 Activates or represses transcription in response to stimuli.